This is the debut novel by new author Carrie Hope Fletcher and from the few snippets of information that Carrie had give away in videos on her YouTube channel, I already had high expectations for this book. I am pleased to say that it has lived up to many of these expectations. The writing style shows that it was written as a YA novel, whether this was intentional or not, I’m not quite sure but I think that the idea of ‘magic realism’ is partly what given the YA feel to it.

After living a long and happy life, Evie Snow has died at the age of 83. To find her own version of heaven, Evie now needs to free her soul of the weight that it had carried in life. She is then told that in order to lighten her soul, she must now share the 3 secrets that have weighed her down in life for over fifty years.

Evie Snow is by no means perfect and she knows that, although being completely honest, I think that this is probably part of her charm and what attracts both Vincent Winters and Jim Summer to her in the first place.

There are parts scattered throughout the book, linking with the idea of ‘magic realism’, that seem to have definite links to ‘Once Upon A Time’ (the little bird that was like a notebook and the opening of Evie’s chest).

All in all, I did end up enjoying the book but I can’t see myself rushing to read it again in a hurry.

Verdict: 3.5 Stars
Currently Reading: Requiem by Lauren Oliver


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